Strengths: surfing, public speaking, teaching
Weaknesses: effort

#61 Cody Nielsen

Position: Forward

Year: Redshirt Freshman

Hometown: Shiverpool, Antarctica

DOB: April 24, 2003

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 180

Major: Dual-Major in Yapology and Surf Science

Cody “Cooooooooodyyyyyyyyy” Nielsen is a totally rad dude who’s got mad steeze on the ice. A native of California, U.S.A, Cody can be found tearfully listening to ‘California Dreamin’ whenever the temperature drops below 50 degrees. After competing as a dual-sport athlete in high school, winning multiple state championships in water polo and underwater basket weaving, Cody was granted a full ride scholarship to Michigan. Many ladies know Cody as the man who rides his bike all around campus despite it violating the social norms of the area.