Strengths: howling
Weaknesses: traps, hunters

#11 Luca Lazaris

Position: Forward

Year: Freshman

Hometown: 47°44’13.8″N, 75°14’00.9″W

DOB: January 10, 2005

Height: 2’8″ on all fours, 5’11” on hind legs

Weight: 170

Major: Soil Science

Luca Lazaris is a first year forward who hails from north of the border. Abandoned as a child, he was raised by a pack of wolves in the deep woods in Canada. At the age of 18, he decided to explore his humanity. Since disbanding from the pack, he has found his way to Ann Arbor. Luca has many unique habits as a man raised by wolves, such as howling at the moon and excessive salivation. After his hockey career, Luca hopes to one day return to Canada to reunite with his pack in the woods.