Strengths: Fighting, icing the puck
Weaknesses: icing the puck

#19 Patrick Burke

Position: Forward

Year: Senior

Hometown: Centennial, CO

DOB: October 3, 2001

Height: 5’8″

Weight: 110

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Introducing a knight of the roundtable, Patrick “Muck” “Ser Muckington” “Burkey” Burke. Ser Muckington of Centennial was dubbed knight two fortnights prior for his valor in “The Quarrel of Muckingham Palace,” wherein he warded off the foul enemy (a lack of shillings) by doordashing two separate orders from Taco Bell within but a quarter of an hour.

When he is not in tourney, good Ser Muckington retreats to his castle “Mash” where he plots adventures with his jester, Sebastian. He often practices his jousting in the famous arena of 914, where he has never been unhorsed, though many a challenger has tried.  

*Burke currently holds the ACHA record for most DoorDash orders in a career, since the stat started being tracked in 2015.*